Why Tracker?

The pivotal power of this era is technology. There will be wars fought on technology and through technology. There will be economies that will collapse because of technological incompetence and there will be superpowers that will emerge because of technological evolution.

But what is Robotics?

Robotics in its core is the integration of best available technologies. Robotics is the acknowledgement of the possibility to create something. It is the mindfulness to make that beautiful. And ultimately, robotics is the capability and freedom to make that something very powerful.

Why will Robotics play any role in this era?

Today, Robotics is in verge of rapid development, driven by both supply and demand. Self driving cars from Tesla Corporation are navigating the cities autonomously while the driver stays on seat, ‘just for legal reasons’. Robots are being used as medical assistants to assist the surgeons in operation theaters, and as waiters in restaurants. Needless to say, almost all production lines in heavyweight companies are already automatized. Nano-bots are being developed in research labs to dive into the human body and everything else. They are also being part of the military as manless drones and frontline warriors.

Why develop Robotics on our own?

The access to technology has actually enslaved us into using them. We have been using them without realizing their potential and consequences. So, the effort and vision put into learning Robotics will create understanding of existing Technology and the knowledge and awareness of the consequences and potential. Learning based practice of Robotics will eventually enable us to develop on our own. That development will be true freedom of modern era.

Why now?

The whole evolution in Robotics is shifting from control system and fixed automation towards intelligence. It is shifting from heavy-cost robotics to intelligence. Intelligence in Robotics is an entirely new field of study and development and can be explored with small transformation in our attitude and understanding of Robotics.

What do we have?

Therefore, we propose a minimal cost and highly intensified learning environment for Robot Revolution in Nepal. This will prepare the younger generation for R&D in robotics and its related domains which will transform and leverage technological pace of the country.