Get Started with Robotics

Meet the requirement , follow the steps and then leave rest on us.

Meet the Requirement

  • Must have at least one Laptop with Windows OS
  • Must have access to internet
  • Must have a member who have a basic understanding of any programming
    1. Compilation of Program
    2. Data Types
    3. Branching and looping


Learn Programming through Robotics Simulation

Use Robotics to learn C Programming in exciting way by controlling robot.

Your First Foot Step ENROLL

Basic Robotics

Get Yourself introduce to the various field of robotics : Electronics , Programming , Mechanics.

Get intro to the robotics ENROLL

Robotics Bootcamp

Our first attempt will be to bring robot inside people comfort zone , by controlling them . Controlling medium vary according to the background of learning persons . We focus on visual programming such as scratch for kids who do not have programming skill .

Start Robotics by controlling them. ENROLL

Embedded Programming

This course is developed for beginners and focus in basic understanding of various component which constitute of embedded system and practical use of it .So,you would have solid base for future learning and implementation.

Digital Electronics ENROLL

Python For Robotics

We believe you already have basic concept of programming or you have been already familiar with one programming language like c. In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the basic concepts of python programming, which will be central to the programs that you will run on your robot

Dive into intelligence robotics ENROLL

Computer Vision for Robotics

This guide is for implementing Computer Vision in the robotics . If you have been involve in th robotics and to uplift your skill or make robot intelligence , this course can be beneficial for you .

Give Robot Vision ENROLL

Final Section

You have finally passed.

Feb 26