Foundation of Robotics

Shaping next generation of Robot Enthusiasts

Tracker is the set of well defined projects based competitions build on top of each other to introduce Intelligence Robotics for localizing robotics in Nepal.

Know Reason behind us

Project are based on the competitions and built on top of each other.



How it works

Open Learning Season

In today's world of busy time , we have developed a new approach for the distance guided learning for robotics .These sessions are divided into different bootcamps.



We encourage problem-solving, creative thinking, and a healthy sense of competition that drives innovation from participants.

Envoled Yourself

Tracker Lab

We envision that the laboratory will support the project activities required of the Tracker Learning Curriculum.

Build Your OWn


Tracker aims to forge the next generation of specialized robot enthusiasts empowered with futuristic knowledge, skills, and mindset in the midst of the existing education system.


Participant can experience whole dimensions of Robotics from line tracking robot to Google self-driving Car technology.


It is the foundation of Robotics. Once the participant completes all the states, they will have proved their passion and understanding of Robotics. In fact, they are made for Robotics.

Highly Intensified Learning Environment

The tracker is divided into different stages each representing different robotics domain. Each stage completes enabling the participants to compete.

Minimal Cost

Participants will use a simple low cost line following robot for the entire learning environment .